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I took my daughter to Amber’s Tutelage to increase her confidence in math. When she first met the team, she cried, and said she wanted to have nicer handwriting too. Due to the dedicated staff who are kind, knowledgeable and good at their jobs, my daughter moved up math groups, several reading levels and is finally happy with her handwriting. I cannot thank the staff enough for looking after my little one and helping her grow towards her potential. She is now to able to tackle academic tasks with confidence, and we know that if she ever has further challenges we won’t hesitate to return to Amber’s Tutelage for additional assistance.



I am a Year 8 student at Katherine School of the Air, and therefore attend school via distance education. I had a prolific habit of procrastination, which resulted in continuous struggles with the completion of my rigorous workload. I also experienced challenges with key concepts in both Maths and English. I have attended three sessions a week (two face-to-face and one online via Zoom) for almost two terms now, and it’s excellent! Amber and the Amber’s Tutelage team are flexible to accommodate my tight KSA schedule, and they assist me to complete school tasks, manage my time and provide helpful feedback on how to improve my work.

Since I commenced tuition, with Amber’s team, I have noticed a massive improvement in my abilities, and even increased confidence in my work I actually complete. I strongly recommend attending Amber’s Tutelage to other students who experience the same struggles that I have.

Bronte Blackwell


I took my daughter to Amber’s Tutelage as she was struggling with her reading, spelling and writing and starting to say she wasn’t as smart as her friends. As a parent this broke my heart and I felt like I had failed my child.

Amber and her team changed my daughter’s opinion of herself as a learner on that very first day. They found the gaps she had in her learning and from then on have been working with her to fill them using a personalised program made to suit what she needed. As Amber would say, “They are filling her potholes to make her learning road smoother”.

They have given her endless encouragement and celebrated all of her successes. Even a tear or two have been shed when amazing achievements have been reached, and I am happy to say there have been many.

Everything they do at Amber’s is in the best interest of my child and I like that. She has fun with her tutor and is happy to go there and learn. The one-on-one tuition she is given means they know her and can adjust her program at any time to her needs.

Amber and her team have given my daughter her confidence back. She has made so much progress at school and I can’t thank them enough for that.

Jen Clifton


Amber and her team are amazing with the one on one tuition support for students who struggle, or just want to excel further in their learning.

Amber’s Tutelage has shown amazing results in students, not only in the academic sense, but also in the building of self esteem.

The educational resources are always updated and students receive a variety of activities to consolidate their learning.

Angela Magriplis


Amber’s Tutelage has excellent tutors who provide detailed and easily accessible materials and resources for everyone to work with, both in lessons and with fun and engaging home tasks too. Amber Tutelage’s attitude also fosters a relaxed learning experience that facilitates innovation and exploration.

During lessons Amber’s team of great tutors easily develop positive rapports with their clients (yes in a one-on-one learning situation), and with Amber’s experienced direction, the lessons are tailored to the specific learning needs of both my children. Amber’s team provides a clear structure to each and every learning experience and has advanced the personal growth of my son and my daughter.

In a nutshell, Amber and her team display a professional, considered and thorough approach to learning and personal growth.



I have been using Amber’s Tutelage tuition for 2 years now, for both my daughter and son. After trying many tutoring services and being left unsatisfied, Amber’s Tutelage & her team was the first place where my kids individual needs were catered for. Amber’s team have worked with them to fill learning gaps, support them in new learning concepts, as well as providing support for their weekly homework and assessments. What sets Amber’s Tutelage apart is that every child receives their own tutor and tailored learning plan.

As a full-time working mum, that regularly may not get home till 7pm, homework was always a battle. However, since starting with Amber’s Tutelage and increasing the kids tutoring days, I now have the peace of mind that when I get home the kids homework is complete and I can enjoy more quality time with them. Having recently returned from a work trip, Amber & her experienced team ensured that both my kids homework was completed without me being there.

Amber is an easy, approachable and friendly person to talk to. Whenever I have a request, she does her best to meet it. Whether it’s is changing tutoring dates to accommodate our camping trips to allocating more time on specific concepts. Amber also has great communication with my children’s teachers and will action any additional learning they may need.

Amber has had an amazing impact on both my children. They love going to tutoring and sharing their achievements with Amber & the tutors.

I highly recommend Amber’s Tutelage’s services to anyone who wants to support their children’s learning.



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