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We’ve helped thousands of Australian students through their unique learning journey. Enjoy seeing your child develop their confidence and love for learning again via our safe one-on-one learning environment, directed and overseen by an extremely qualified and experienced teacher. Your child deserves the best.


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Does your child need help with their homework? Or perhaps their teacher or school report has identified some areas that need development or extension? Either way, we’re here to help. We provide a personalised online tuition experience in a safe and supportive environment for students from Kinder/Pre School through to adult learners.


Why Choose Us?

Our experienced tutors are dedicated to helping build your child’s confidence at school with a personalised tuition experience allowing them to grow and excel. We compliment formal and traditional education, and support each learner with their individual learning journey. Amber’s Tutelage is trusted by hundreds of families and indiviuals Australia-wide.

Online Zoom Sessions

We provide a secure one-on-one learning environment via live Zoom sessions that run for 45 mins in duration. Our tuition sessions compliment formal and traditional education, and our incredible tutors support each learner with their individual learning needs.

Learning Areas We Cover


Learners who struggle with English experience challenging and uncomfortable ‘potholes’ that affect their optimal access to all areas of the school curriculum.


Many learners struggle with mathematical concepts, but some find it more difficult than others which can be truly daunting.

Homework Assistance

Time Management, decoding the task, finding motivation, prioritising, planning and completing homework is a common dilemma, especially amongst secondary learners.

We identify the potholes in all learners’ learning, especially any foundation concepts in English and Maths, then focus on filling in those potholes. We also offer homework assistance, focusing on English & Maths concepts not specialist content, so students can understand how to unpack & complete set assignments to the best of their ability.

If any of these situations sound familiar, get in touch with us to find out how we can help.

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“I cannot thank the staff enough for looking after my little one and helping her grow towards her potential. She is now to able to tackle academic tasks with confidence, and we know that if she ever has further challenges we won’t hesitate to return to Amber’s Tutelage for additional assistance.”



“Since I commenced tuition, with Amber’s team, I have noticed a massive improvement in my abilities, and even increased confidence in my work I actually complete. I strongly recommend attending Amber’s Tutelage to other students who experience the same struggles that I have.”



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