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Empowering Learners with Diagnosed Intellectual Disabilities /Challenges & NDIS Goals

At Amber’s Tutelage, we believe that every learner deserves a supportive and inclusive learning environment, regardless of their unique challenges. We are dedicated to empowering individuals with diagnosed intellectual challenges to become confident self-managers, fostering a sense of independence and self-belief that is beyond academic pursuits. Amber’s Tutelage embraces NDIS goals and recommended strategies by psychologists, psychiatrists and other specialists.



At Amber’s Tutelage, we are committed to fostering an environment where NDIS learners with diagnosed intellectual disabilities can flourish and develop into confident self-managers. We recognise the potential in every person and are dedicated to guiding them towards a brighter future.
Join us on this journey of empowerment, where abilities are embraced, challenges are conquered, and self-belief becomes a powerful force. Together, we can unlock the potential within each learner, empowering them to lead fulfilling and self-directed lives by successfully achieving their NDIS goals.
Discover the transformational impact of Amber’s Tutelage and embark on a path of growth, resilience, and independence today. Let’s shape a future where every learner is celebrated and empowered to thrive!



Our Approach

1. Individualised NDIS Support

We understand that every learner has their own strengths and areas for growth. Our experienced Teacher Assistants work closely with each learner, tailoring their support to address specific learning needs and preferences. Through personalised guidance, we create a nurturing space for learners to thrive.

2. Building a Growth Mindset

We cultivate a growth mindset in our learners, emphasising that intelligence can be developed through dedication and hard work. This approach fosters resilience and the courage to embrace challenges, allowing learners to approach obstacles with confidence.

3. Teaching Essential Life Skills

Our teaching extends beyond academic subjects. We integrate practical life skills training into our sessions, empowering learners to manage their time, set achievable goals, and advocate for their needs effectively.

5. Promoting Emotional Well-being

We understand that emotional well-being is fundamental to effective learning. Our Teacher Assistants (tutors) create a nurturing and non-judgmental atmosphere, fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance that enables learners to build their self-esteem.

6. Collaborating with Parents, Specialists and Educators

We value open communication and collaboration with parents and educators. By working together as a team, we ensure a comprehensive support system for our learners, extending our impact beyond our personal growth sessions. We incorporate EAP (Education Adjustment Plans) goals, NDIS goals, and other specialist’s recommendations too.

7. Inclusive Learning Materials

Our learning materials are carefully curated to be accessible and engaging, catering to various learning styles. We prioritize inclusivity and diversity in our resources to create an enriching and empowering learning experience.

8. Celebrate Achievements

At Amber’s Tutelage, we celebrate every milestone achieved by our learners, no matter how big or small. Recognising and acknowledging their progress reinforces their sense of accomplishment and motivates them to continue reaching for their goals.

“Amber and her team display a professional, considered and thorough approach to learning and personal growth.” – Parent


At Amber’s Tutelage we:

  • Prepare our clients for the world that awaits
  • Expand thinking
  • Enhance self-confidence
  • Provide an individual centred approach
  • Engage our clients
  • Develop curiosity & internal motivation
  • Encourage resilience & risk taking
  • Use evidence to guide our strategies

  • Improve personal accountability using an ‘I do, we do, you do’ approach
  • Foster oral language & communication
  • Cater for sensory processing needs
  • Use practical & real-life approaches
  • Develop independence (self-managers)
  • Assist clients to fill in the ‘potholes’ of their knowledge /development

We Develop








    Problem solving





    Hear it from our community

    Don’t take our word for it

    “We have been taking our Son to Amber’s for 4 years. He has ASD and the changes have been amazing. So much so that he got the Chief Ministers award for most improved reading! He now knows that you have to work and persist to get anywhere in life. Great life lessons!! Amazing work Amber!!”



    Amber’s Tutelage has excellent Teacher Assistants who provide detailed and easily accessible materials and resources for everyone to work with, both in lessons and with fun and engaging home tasks too. Amber Tutelage’s attitude also fosters a relaxed learning experience that facilitates innovation and exploration. During lessons Amber’s team of great Teacher Assistants easily develop positive rapport with their clients (yes in a one-on-one learning situation), and with Amber’s experienced direction, the sessions are tailored to the specific learning needs of both my children. Amber’s team provides a clear structure to each and every learning experience and has advanced the personal growth of my son and my daughter. In a nutshell, Amber and her team display a professional, considered and thorough approach to learning and personal growth.”



    We Understand

    Amber, the business principal, is a person with autism (level 2), who has had many other ‘labels’ throughout her life such as ADHD, ODD, ADD, depression, anxiety, poor concentration, a struggling learner, to name but a few. So, if there is anyone who understands the challenges faced by NDIS learners it is Amber. That’s why she created Amber’s Tutelage, to support those people who don’t fit into the usual ‘box’ that mainstream learning services provide.

    It was not until Amber was about 16 (she is now 52) that she got personalised assistance dealing with life’s challenges that she began to believe she could achieve anything with the right support, and she has. This is why she created Amber’s Tutelage to provide an exceptionally unique and holistic service that allows that same holistic support for all our NDIS clients.

    Online or IN PERSON

    We offer both in person and online learning sessions, to suit your learner’s individual needs and requirements.


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