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Getting assistance from a qualified teacher when homeschooling can provide numerous benefits to the students and the overall homeschooling experience. That’s why homeschoolers attend Amber’s Tutelage, to soak up the advantages listed below.


Our Homeschooling Support Offers:

Personalised Instruction

A teacher can tailor the teaching approach to suit each student’s learning pace, abilities, and interests. This personalised instruction can lead to better engagement and academic progress. 

Assessment and Feedback

Qualified teachers can assess students’ progress accurately and provide constructive feedback. Regular assessments help identify areas that need improvement and allow the teacher to adjust the instruction accordingly.

Expertise and Knowledge

A qualified teacher brings specialised knowledge in various subjects and teaching methodologies. They are equipped with the skills to present information effectively and cater to individual learning styles. 

Social Interaction

Homeschooling can sometimes lack social opportunities. Amber’s Tutelage fosters social interactions, collaborative learning experiences, and the opportunity to practise self-regulation and improve personal accountability. 


Having a qualified teacher involved adds a layer of accountability to the homeschooling process. Students may feel more motivated to perform well, knowing that their progress is being monitored by an experienced educator. 

Access to Resources

Teachers have access to a wide range of educational resources, including textbooks, online materials, and educational tools. They can recommend or provide these resources to enhance the learning experience. 

Guidance for Parents

Qualified teachers can guide parents on effective teaching strategies, learning techniques, and best practices for homeschooling. This support can alleviate the stress and challenges that parents might face when educating their children at home. 

Specialised Support

If a student has specific learning needs or challenges, a qualified teacher can provide specialised support, adapting teaching methods and materials accordingly.

Preparation for Examinations

For homeschooled students planning to pursue further education or enter standardised examinations, a qualified teacher can help them prepare for these assessments effectively. 

Overall, the involvement of a qualified teacher, such as Amber of Amber’s Tutelage, in homeschooling can enhance the quality of education, promote a nurturing learning environment, and contribute to the holistic development of the students. It will create a balanced and rewarding homeschooling experience for both students and parents.

Unlock the full potential of your homeschooling journey – Enrol today at Amber’s Tutelage for expert guidance and personalised learning!

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At Amber’s Tutelage we:

  • Prepare our clients for the world that awaits
  • Expand thinking
  • Enhance self-confidence
  • Provide an individual centred approach
  • Engage our clients
  • Develop curiosity & internal motivation
  • Encourage resilience & risk taking
  • Use evidence to guide our strategies

  • Improve personal accountability using an ‘I do, we do, you do’ approach
  • Foster oral language & communication
  • Cater for sensory processing needs
  • Use practical & real-life approaches
  • Develop independence (self-managers)
  • Assist clients to fill in the ‘potholes’ of their knowledge /development

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