Amber’s  Philosophy

We believe that life is about learning, and the learning never ends.

We encourage perseverance, risk taking and resilience. These dispositions are a BIG part of developing confidence, and most importantly, clients have fun whilst learning at Amber’s Tutelage, including clients with NDIS goals.

At Amber’s Tutelage, we identify the gaps in our clients’ learning, especially any foundation concepts in English and Maths, then focus on filling in those gaps. So, each learner travels their very own journey to empowerment in a safe one-on-one learning environment.

We also offer homework assistance and test preparation, focusing on English & Maths concepts not specialist content, so students can understand how to unpack & complete set assignments to the best of their ability.

Our Environment

We provide a positive and homely learning environment, where learners are both challenged, as well as provided with the opportunity to achieve regular success, including learners with intellectual challenges and/or on the NDIS.

Learn By Doing

We believe that a person learns best when “doing” and structure each session so that the learner gets hands-on experience undertaking those tasks that are best suited to achieve their personal learning goals and gain important life-skills.

A Word

From Amber

“We don’t just teach the required curriculum, we also develop peoples’ learning dispositions.

Learning dispositions are characteristics or attitudes toward learning that are lifelong skills… They help us understand learners’ ability’s to be self-motivated, reflective and/or resilient (just to name a few) in an ever changing world.

Most people observe the need for dispositions of learning to be developed in a person when they use phrases such as: low self-esteem; anxious; has had negative experiences; finds schoolwork challenging; is apathetic; not very confident; uses avoidance tactics; finds learning tough; and is unhappy.

It is extremely important to develop one’s learning dispositions, to ensure that confidence, positive thinking, resilience and independence are embedded in one’s memory and become a natural response to events and experiences.”

– Amber Morgan


Amber Morgan

I feel so privileged, every day, to have been able to assist thousands of learners and teachers throughout my career as a teacher, tutor, mentor and a coach, to both children and adults. Teaching is a life-long passion of mine, and there is no greater gift than to be a part of the journey towards personal empowerment and success. Whether it be from assisting and supporting people with the acquisition of knowledge, developing a belief in oneself, or simply building the resilience to take risks and be able to reflect positively on one’s experiences. 

I have been a very fortunate person with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) to grow up in a family that was heavily involved in swimming as well as both Royal Lifesaving and Surf Lifesaving. This afforded me the ability to develop into a confident, caring and successful human being. I’ve trained hard, persevered and continually reflected on my skills and abilities until I became number one in Australia, four years running, then went on to travel the world and represent Australia in my sport, lifesaving.

When I graduated from university as a three-year trained teacher I travelled to the UK, where I taught for almost seven years, and that amazing experience also shaped me into the person I am today. I was privileged to teach in more than 200 schools whilst there, developing my skills, and was also hired to work with a brilliant team of teachers who went into schools that had been ‘closed’ due to extremely poor student academic outcomes (deemed by the education department’s governing body known as OFSTED), and reopened with teachers, such as myself, to work with the students to raise their academic standards and mentor teachers in ‘best practice’ as well. It was a profound experience and truly rewarding also. 

When I returned to Australia at the end of 2000, I continued teaching, instructing, mentoring and coaching in Melbourne for several years, whilst returning to university (as a night student) and gained my fourth-year, in education. It was then that my passion for holistic education and integrating ICT and Digital Technologies into my teaching really took off, and I’ve never looked back.

In 2003 I relocated to the Northern Territory to teach in remote indigenous communities, for 5 years, before finally settling in Darwin. I have taught predominantly in the Northern Suburbs of Darwin, however spent a few years based in the education department, flying around Arnhem Land, teaching teachers how to use ICT in their classrooms, as well as coordinating and overseeing the moderation of students’ English and Maths assessments. 

Today, I still teach in the classroom however I also operate Amber’s Tutelage, to provide personalised learning experiences and tuition to those children and adults who need /desire one-on-one assistance or support with becoming the best that they can be, in a safe and supportive learning environment. I even support the parents of our learners, so that they can assist their children in their child’s journey to success.

New learners immediately feel welcome, comfortable, supported and enthusiastic towards their personalised learning sessions, and I have like-minded staff (mostly pre-service teachers who I mentor) that assist also. So much so that I am continually told by clients, “I wish that I had found out about Amber’s Tutelage sooner! This has been the best investment in my children ever!”