Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions

What is Amber’s Tutelage teaching philosophy?

Learning is a life-long journey and developing a love of learning is just one of the positive outcomes of Amber’s Tutelage clients (learners). Amber’s Tutelage strives to provide a holistic approach to learning which, not only helps our clients learn academic concepts but, promotes personal development for them to become independent and resilient learners. We provide hands-on tasks and activities that engage learners and allow focus topics and concepts to be investigated. We also believe in using technology, 21st Century tools, to assist with developing independent learners and to consolidate focus concepts.

What are learning dispositions and why are they important?

Learning dispositions are characteristics or attitudes toward learning that are lifelong skills. They help us understand a learners ability to be self-motivated, reflective and resilient in an ever-changing world. Learning dispositions may need to be developed in learners when phrases such as the following are used: low self-esteem; anxious; has had negative experiences; finds schoolwork challenging; is apathetic; not very confident; uses avoidance tactics; finds learning tough; and is unhappy. It is extremely important to develop learning dispositions to ensure that confidence, positive thinking, resilience, and independence become a natural response to challenging events and experiences.

How is the tuition personalised?

The individual needs of each of our learners are identified from evaluations and recommendations from various professionals and from school reports. Amber’s Tutelage also personalises tuition for NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) learners based on the recommendations of healthcare professionals & the specific identified goals. We identify gaps or ‘potholes’ in a learner’s learning and focus on these in all sessions, whilst delivering the personal learning in a way that is interesting and engaging for each client. We also attend to each individuals’ specific needs to remain on task through a holistic approach.

What tuition services are offered?
  • Intervention (filling in the English & Maths learning gaps)

  • Homework help

  • School readiness

  • Reading readiness

  • Writing workshops (coming soon)

  • Time management & study tips for middle school & senior school students

  • NAPLAN preparation

  • Extension of school learning material

  • Home schooling support assistance

  • Résumé creation assistance for high school students and assistance with work experience applications

  • Exam preparation

  • Support of NDIS goals

  • Study Clubs (coming soon)

  • Development of life skills

What age do you tutor?

Amber’s Tutelage offers tuition to all ages, ranging from pre-school (4 years) through to Year 12. We also offer tuition for adults who wish to fill the gaps in their own English and Maths understanding or improve their ability in using digital technologies, such as Microsoft Suite.

Where is the tuition conducted?

We are located at Wanguri Shopping Center, Shop 2c /3 WanguriPlace, Wanguri, NT, in a dedicated Learning Centre at the rear of the shopping center.

Is tuition offered throughout the school breaks?

Yes, Amber’s Tutelage is open on limited days throughout the school breaks and a schedule can be negotiated for clients to continue their tuition throughout the break. A new contract will

be drawn up for this tuition period.

Can I stay whilst the student/learner is being tutored?

Generally, clients get maximum productivity during tutelage sessions when there aren’t any distractions of family or friends present. However, we do welcome curious parents or caregivers to stay during the first session, to allow them to feel comfortable with the tuition process.

Can the student/learner get help with their school homework?

Absolutely! Clients are encouraged to bring along any English or Maths schoolwork they require assistance with. We also offer an email service for older clients wanting assistance

with assignments. Students can email their work and the task outline to and one of our team will provide feedback via email within 48 hours. One feedback email is complimentary per session, however if more feedback is needed clients will be provided with a quote & invoice for the out-of-session time required.

How long before and after a session should students/learners be dropped off and collected?

Ideally, clients should arrive no more than a few minutes prior to the scheduled session, so they can unpack their books and be ready to commence their session at the scheduled time.

Clients will be ready to go at the scheduled completion of the session. They will have their home tasks explained and belongings packed by this time. Being prompt will allow physical distancing.

Ideally, clients should arrive no more than a few minutes prior to the scheduled session, so they can unpack their books and be ready to commence their session at the scheduled time.

Clients will be ready to go at the scheduled completion of the session. They will have their home tasks explained and belongings packed by this time. Being prompt will allow physical distancing.

Are there any home tasks set, and expected to be competed outside of the sessions?

Yes. Time management is a great skill to learn and completing tasks outside of the sessions allows clients to learn to manage their time effectively. Most tasks said are encouraged to be completed independently, and the tasks that are found to be a challenge can be circled (by the client), so the task can be explained during a future session.

How is email assistance provided for my child’s homework?

Students email their homework that requires feedback, including the task sheet (instructions) provided by their teacher. The director (Ms Amber Morgan) will provide feedback, via email, for the student to edit &/or improve the task at hand (within 48 hours of receiving the email). One feedback email is complementary after a tuition session. Any further email feedback requested, will be provided with a quote for the out of session time supplied. Impromptu homework help is also available (when requested and negotiated).

Do you provide NDIS reports?

Yes, NDIS reports can be provided at an additional cost.

What qualifications does the director (Ms Amber Morgan) of the tuition business hold?

Diploma of Education, Bachelor of Education, Certificate 3 in Training and Assessment, Foundations of Literacy Assessment (FELA NT) Certificate, Visible Learning Certificates, Cognitive Coaching Certificate, Certificate 4 in Workplace Assessment and Austswim qualifications (swimming & water safety & working with people with disabilities).

Why do I request that you provide the email address of the client’s teacher?

The nature of personalised tuition requires communication between those involved in the client’s learning journey. Our team communicates, with permission, with clientsteachers to inform them of the tuition being provided to the student in their class and give the teacher the opportunity to suggest any English or Maths concepts they believe their student would benefit from extra assistance with.

What experience does the tuition director (Ms Amber Morgan) have?

Amber has been teaching for 30 years, of which 7 years were spent teaching in the UK and 4 years in Victoria, with over 18 years of experience teaching in the NT. Amber has been tutoring children and adults for more than 20 years during her career.

What qualifications do the tuition assistants hold?

Teacher Assistants at Amber’s Tutelage are predominantly either preservice teachers or have teacher assistant equivalent qualifications. All staff at Amber’s Tutelage also hold a current OCHRE (working with children) card which includes regular police checks.

What are the fees for personalised tuition at Amber’s Tutelage?

There are 2 payment options provided on a contract outlining the negotiated tuition schedule.

Pay in Advance Option $70/ session. The tuition is paid in advance, for the length of the contract (minimum of a term) before the commencement of the first tuition session.

Pay As You Go Option – $75/ session. The tuition is paid by an automated direct debit from a credit card on each Friday prior to the scheduled tuition for the term of the contract.

What is included in the fee?
  • A 50-minute face-to-face or 45 minute online personalised tuition session led by an experienced and passionate Teacher Assistant (TA) who is mentored by Ms Amber.
  • Parents /Caregivers are supported with their child’s learning journey.
  • Out of session feedback is provided to support the learner.
  • Resources that support the home tasks, such as readers, activities, play-dough, etc. are loaned to each learner.
  • Basic stationary such as writing books and photocopied activity booklets.
  • A personal reference book (added to regularly) with learning materials that will support the learner.
  • A personal checklist of home tasks to be completed before the next tuition session is emailed after each session.
  • Communication with learners’ teachers regarding the learner’s goals.
What is not included in the fee? (aka any additional costs)

Professionally published workbooks that will support the client’s learning can be provided after discussion with the parent/caregiver. These generally range between $25 – $40 each. Also not included is additional out-of-session feedback for more than one assignment or homework package. Assignment feedback can also be purchased separately without booking a session. Feedback costs $75 per hour and will be invoiced based on the amount of time spent writing feedback.

How do I pay for the tuition?

Direct deposit is the preferred payment method. The client’s name is to be included in the description. There is also the option to pay online when you receive an invoice. However, card payment or cash are also accepted too.

How many sessions can be scheduled?

Weekly, twice weekly, daily & fortnightly sessions are offered. We also offer sessions online over Zoom and provide a wide range of resources to support remote learning. The number of sessions is usually led by the number of potholesthat require attention and how quickly the client wants to see change.

How can learners travel to tuition?

Some learners:

  • are dropped off and collected,
  • catch the bus to Casuarina Station, then walk to the Learning Centre (only a few minutes’ walk),
  • ride their bicycle and park it across the laneway, then ride home. When requested, a text is sent to inform that the learner has arrived safely, and another to inform that the learner is on their way home.
  • walk from local schools (Wanguri Primary School, Holy Spirit School, Dripstone Middle School, Henbury School).
How will COVID-19 & other viral outbreaks affect my tuition?

Amber’s Tutelage maintains a hygienic and COVID-19 safe space in accordance with the current directions from the CHO. If you or your child is feeling unwell, please wear a mask. If requested, we can also move tuition sessions to our secure online platform using Zoom.

What clearances do the tutors have for working with clients?

Our tutors hold a current OCHRE card (NT working with children card). These are kept on file at Amber’s Tutelage. Regular police checks are included in the OCHRE card process.

All tutors are fully vaccinated (for COVID-19).

What is expected if a learner/student is unable to attend a tuition session?

Clients need to provide 48 hours’ notice to cancel a session, however, ideally sessions should be rescheduled on request. where 48 hours’ notice is not provided, the client will be expected to pay for the session therefore the session will be forfeited. Reschedules are not permitted where less than 48 hours’ notice is provided. It is unfortunate that illness can come on suddenly, however, the tutor has prepared for the session and has agreed to work at that time, hence the 48 hours’ notice required.