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Empower Your Child’s Learning Adventure: Why Amber’s Tutelage is the Perfect Companion During Your Travels! 

Getting assistance from Amber’s Tutelage with children’s learning during travel offers a multitude of advantages. From maintaining educational progress to enhancing experiential learning, it allows children to thrive academically while exploring the wonders of the world.

“I am a Year 8 student at Katherine School of the Air, and therefore attend school via distance education…they assist me to complete school tasks, manage my time and provide helpful feedback on how to improve my work” – Student


Getting assistance with children’s learning when travelling can be incredibly beneficial for several reasons:

Continuity in Education

Travelling often disrupts the regular learning routine, and children may miss out on important lessons, fall behind in their studies or develop ‘potholes’ in their learning. With learning assistance from Amber’s Tutelage, you can ensure continuity in their education, preventing knowledge gaps (potholes) and allowing them to progress smoothly.

Personalised Support

Each child has their own unique learning needs and challenges. With assistance from Amber’s Tutelage, you can provide personalised support to address specific areas where your child requires help, whether it’s in a particular subject or learning skill.

Maximising Learning Opportunities

Travelling provides ample opportunities for experiential learning and exposure to new cultures and environments. With assistance from Amber’s Tutelage, you can create educational activities and incorporate real-world experiences into your child’s learning, making the journey an enriching educational adventure.

Building Confidence

Learning assistance from Amber’s Tutelage can boost your child’s confidence by reinforcing their strengths and helping them overcome academic challenges. As they feel more competent in their abilities, they will approach learning with greater enthusiasm and eagerness.

Flexible Learning Options

Travelling often involves unpredictable schedules and limited access to traditional learning resources. Learning assistance from Amber’s Tutelage can be tailored to fit your travel itinerary, offering flexibility in study times and adaptable learning materials.

Support for Home-Schooling

For families who choose to homeschool during their travels, learning assistance becomes even more crucial. Professional guidance ensures that your child receives a well-structured and comprehensive education while exploring the world.

Preventing Learning Gaps (potholes)

Learning assistance can help bridge the gaps that may arise during travel, ensuring that your child stays on track with their academic progress and does not miss out on essential concepts.

Promoting Curiosity and Interest

While travelling, children are exposed to new cultures, landscapes, and experiences. Learning assistance can foster curiosity and interest in the places they visit, encouraging them to explore and inquire about the world around them.

Reducing Parental Stress

As a parent, juggling travel arrangements and your child’s education can be overwhelming. Seeking assistance lightens the load, providing professional support that allows you to enjoy your travel experiences without constant worries about your child’s learning.

Preparing for Reintegration

When your travels come to an end, and your child returns to a formal learning environment, the assistance they received during the journey will ensure a smoother reintegration process. They will have continued to learn and grow, ready to tackle new challenges at school.

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Online Zoom Sessions

We provide a secure one-on-one learning environment via live Zoom sessions that run for 45 mins in duration. Our tuition sessions compliment your other remote learning tasks and our incredible tutors will support each learner with their individual learning needs.

Learning Areas We Cover


Remote Learning Tasks

Are you worried about what your child is actually getting done? Our tutors can assist with remote learning assignments and tasks that have been set and ensure they are completed and submitted.


If you don’t know a synonym from a similie, it’s hard to suddenly ‘play teacher’! Our team is experienced in all aspects of the English Curriculum and can help your child to master this vital part of their learning journey.


Maths concepts have changed so much, and tackling them in an online environment can make it even tougher. Our tutors can help your child to untangle the jargon and learn the strategies for maths success.

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“Amber from Amber’s Tutelage is fantastic! She took our family under her teaching wings when we were in Darwin and helped our son with his learning while we travelled around Oz!

Amber also helped our son with online tutoring during Covid lockdown once we were back home in Melbourne. Amber is very approachable, friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!



I am a Year 8 student at Katherine School of the Air, and therefore attend school via distance education. I had a prolific habit of procrastination, which resulted in continuous struggles with the completion of my rigorous workload. I also experienced challenges with key concepts in both Maths and English. I have attended three sessions a week (two face-to-face and one online via Zoom) for almost two terms now, and it’s excellent! Amber and the Amber’s Tutelage team are flexible to accommodate my tight KSA schedule, and they assist me to complete school tasks, manage my time and provide helpful feedback on how to improve my work. Since I commenced tuition, with Amber’s team, I have noticed a massive improvement in my abilities, and even increased confidence in my work I actually complete. I strongly recommend attending Amber’s Tutelage to other students who experience the same struggles that I have.”




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