Supporting students through remote learning 

Our children are learning in an environment that is unprecedented. Suddenly parents and caregivers are  responsible for guiding their children through remote learning. Many parents are also juggling work responsibilities on top of this, plus caring for younger children and working around space limitations.

Our unique and personalised one-on-one online tutoring service can help to fill in the gaps that remote learning inevitably presents, helping your child to stay on track with their learning journey and appreciative of the expert assistance. 



At Amber’s Tutelage, we work by identifying ‘potholes’ in your child’s learning. A pothole happens when there is a gap in understanding, and it can make a child’s brain feel uncomfortable when trying to learn a new concept. Potholes in the ‘normal world’ develop for all sorts of reasons, such as missing learning due to illness or being away on holiday, but at the moment they can simply occur due to the fragmented nature of remote learning and the disconnection that the lack of face-to-face teaching can bring.

The best strategy to deal with potholes is simply to focus on filling them in. That’s the quickest way to ensure that the ‘bumpy ride’ comes to an end and the pathways become smoother and more enjoyable for your child. The key is to get assistance as early as possible, and not wait until they turn into sinkholes!


Are you feeling overwhelmed? 

It's been a long time since you were at school

When you went to school things probably were taught very differently. Maths and English now can seem like whole different languages. What on Earth is THRASS? Why is long division in a box? What’s required to compose a narrative? We get it, and this is where we can help to guide your child through these modern concepts.

You have other commitments

If you’re trying to also work from home or have other children to care for (or both!), remote learning can be a real struggle. With Amber’s Tutelage on board, you gain precious time for your other commitments while knowing your child is still achieving their goals.

Your relationship with your child is suffering

We hear this from our clients over and over. The stress of remote learning is having a huge impact on the mental health of both parents and children, and the last thing you need on top of everything is to be constantly arguing with your child. It certainly doesn’t make for a good learning environment either! With us on your team, we can help everyone feel more confident and stay calm through this tough time.

Online Zoom Sessions

We provide a secure one-on-one learning environment via live Zoom sessions that run for 45 mins in duration. Our tuition sessions compliment your other remote learning tasks and our incredible tutors will support each learner with their individual learning needs during this strange and uncertain time.

Learning Areas We Cover


Remote Learning Tasks

Are you worried about what your child is actually getting done? Our tutors can assist with remote learning assignments and tasks that have been set and ensure they are completed and submitted.


If you don’t know a synonym from a similie, it’s hard to suddenly ‘play teacher’! Our team is experienced in all aspects of the English Curriculum and can help your child to master this vital part of their learning journey.


Maths concepts have changed so much, and tackling them in an online environment can make it even tougher. Our tutors can help your child to untangle the jargon and learn the strategies for maths success.

Hear it from our community

Don’t take our word for it

Amber and her team changed my daughter’s opinion of herself as a learner on that very first day. They found the gaps she had in her learning and from then on have been working with her to fill them using a personalised program made to suit what she needed. She has made so much progress at school and I can’t thank them enough for that.




Why Choose Us?

Our experienced tutors are dedicated to helping your child through remote learning and beyond, by building their confidence in their schooling through a personalised tuition experience that allows them to grow and excel. We compliment formal and traditional education, and support each student with their individual learning journey. Amber’s Tutelage is trusted by hundreds of families and individuals Australia-wide.

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