Every person’s learning journey is different

That’s why we tailor different options to suit your learner.

NDIS Learning Support

Our dedicated team of teaching assistants are committed to creating a nurturing and inclusive learning environment tailored to each child’s unique needs and abilities to empower children with NDIS support to reach their full potential.

Homework Help

Our Homework Help service teaches learners about time management, how to decode tasks, find motivation, prioritise, plan and complete homework, which are common dilemmas for many children, especially for secondary learners.

English & Maths Tutoring

Many learners struggle with mathematical concepts, and for some it can be truly daunting. Learners who struggle with English can have challenging ‘potholes’ that can affect their access to all areas of the school curriculum.

Remote Learning Support

We offer online learning for learners in remote areas, different locations or who are travelling. We understand the challenges these students may face and our mission is to bridge the gap by offering personalised, online learning sessions.

Home Schooling Help

We offer online and face-to-face learning experiences for children who are home schooled. We know that personalised learning is key to guiding students who are not in a traditional schooling environment, and are committed to providing personalise learning.

Exam/Test Preparation

We offer support with preparation for exams and tests for learners through the provision of personalised support, expert guidance, and a positive learning environment, all of which contribute to a more confident and successful exam preparation experience. 

Amber’s Tutelage Philosophy

I believe that life is about learning, and the learning never ends. At Amber’s Tutelage we encourage perseverance, risk taking, resilience and personal growth through the development of life skills. These dispositions are a BIG part of developing confidence, and most importantly, clients have fun whilst learning at Amber’s Tutelage.

At Amber’s Tutelage, we identify the gaps in each learner’s knowledge and capabilities no matter their age, especially any life skills and foundation concepts in English and Maths, then focus on filling in those gaps. So, each learner travels their very own journey to empowerment in a safe one-on-one learning environment.

I am extremely passionate about assisting and supporting those with diagnosed learning challenges, as I grew up with diagnoses. I required a unique type of support to attain personal growth which has allowed me to be the confident and successful person that I am today. Therefore, we offer a uniquely holistic approach to supporting NDIS participants with attaining their personal NDIS goals, with a focus on preparing NDIS participants to become personally accountable, self-managers and internally motivated for the world that awaits them.

We also offer homework help, remote learning assistance (for those travelling or living in remote areas) and exam and test preparation focusing on English & Maths concepts not specialist content, so students can understand how to unpack and complete set assignments to the best of their ability.

Hear it from our community

Don’t take our word for it

“I cannot thank the staff enough for looking after my little one and helping her grow towards her potential. She is now to able to tackle academic tasks with confidence, and we know that if she ever has further challenges we won’t hesitate to return to Amber’s Tutelage for additional assistance.”


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